Who are we?

Pourboir’ is a team that likes to think and move forward to reinvent the restaurant world and offer new and unique experiences.

Because we have the will to change things.

Working with us is working with the best.

An application made by restaurateurs, for restaurateurs!

Pourboir’ a été conçu par un restaurateur, anciennement serveur à Marseille. 

Il a ouvert 3 restaurants à Shanghai en Chine avant de rentrer vivre en France.

Since his return to France, he has realized that the habits and customs of tips have changed a lot since the period when he worked as a waiter.

The idea for an app to calculate and tip was born.

With the objective of significantly increasing the salaries of servers around the world by pushing customers to rate them, give them comments and tip them directly in an application.

Waiters at the heart of the project!

At Pourboir’ we take into account every opinion we receive, whether from restaurateurs, servers or customers, all thanks to the application that we develop.

This application aims to provide a unique dining experience for everyone.