What is Pourboir ?

France is the country of food and wine. No wonder, we have a lot of restaurants and it’s the number one industry that recruits in the country.

Working in a restaurant can be tiring and hard for the staff : long hours, standing, walking, running. It is not easy and yet a lot of restaurant open everyday. 

20 years ago, the industry didn’t have any issue recruiting, staff were earning a basic salary and they would receive enough tips in cash to have a good enough revenue and the long hours were compensated by generous customers. 

Long before the pandemic, the industry has been struggling in recruiting with more than 100,000 jobs available and yet very few candidates were interested due to the low revenues available for them. 

Today there is even more jobs available, close to 200,000. 

We have decided to take action

Tips should be 50% of the total revenues for waiters and cooks. We believe that they should earn more than the average salary. That’s why we have created an application that will bring back tips to their pockets. 

After one year of development and trial and errors, we have finally created a stable app that will change the industry all over the world. 

How ? 

Our application is a social network specialised on restaurant. We want our users to be able to know everything about their favorite restaurant and make the best decision when they want to eat out. 

Soon we will be using the application to consult restaurant and menus every day and in a short future we will be adding the option for clients to tips at their favorite restaurants. 

Our goal is to become the application to be when it comes to restaurants. We want each user to trust reviews online. That’s why we have created a check-in button to be sure that reviews are not malicious and are actually genuine. 

Users can also check the menu of their favorite restaurants, and soon restaurants will be able to send notifications to their followers each time they updates their menu. 

Imagine how great it is to let know your regular customer that your chef have created an amazing new dish ? 

What else ?

Unlike other company, we want tips to go to the waiters, we are working on a solution that will take very little commission. We believe that they should receive 100% from their tips in their pockets. 

We also want user to gather all real data possible from across the web for you to make the best decision when it comes to eat at a restaurant. 

To encourage user to use the app, we have generated a lottery for all to win gifts every week. 

The more you use the app the more chance you have to receive great gifts from our partners. 

Join us today !