Are you an entrepreneur that loves to eat out ?

If yes, then we need you ! 

How can you help us ?

It’s actually really easy.

You are a motivated entrepreneur, and you want to benefit from our growth. 

You understand that we will grow together, and you know the importance of the snowball effect. 

We offer you a unique opportunity to become part of our team. 

All you need to do is to register as affiliate and then help us reach out to waiters near you. 

Once they register you will get a percentage of their tips forever to your account. 

So are you ready to join us ?

Reach out to us and start this amazing journey along Pourboir’

So how do we calculate your part ?

1 waiter makes 1000 euros* of tips on the app in a month

We take 3% of the tips 
We give you 30% of our take for life

WaitersMonthly revenues*Yearly revenues*
1 9 euros / month108 euros / year
1090 euros / month1 080 euros / year
50450 euros / month5 400 euros / year
100900 euros / month10 800 euros / year

*revenues on this page are estimation and vary depending on waiters uses of the application.